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About Us


We serve the Community

FaithWorks Community Resource Center was established in 2013 as a housing resource agency for a local church to meet its members' and the community's needs. It was self-funded by its founder  providing counseling and education for a fee for service.  The founder purchased its first building through an auction and has continued to increase its services to the community and abroad.   

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The core service of economic development evolved as a result of demand. The founder understood the difficulty of starting a business and the challenges presented on the road to entrepreneurship. Program design commenced and launched in 2018. FaithWorks CRC continues to provide resources, counseling, coaching and training to individuals and businesses to promote economic empowerment.

Our Mission

Create opportunities, provide resources, education, and access to technology to promote economic development, empower, and improve the quality of life of underserved/disadvantaged individuals, businesses, and families.

Closing the wealth gap.

Our Strengths & Values

•    We believe that sustenance and continuous economic progress are imperative and increase the realization of human potential. 
•    We believe people/ businesses matter, and a sense of self-worth and self-respect must be cultivated. 
•    We create opportunities for inclusive entrepreneurship to stimulate economic growth.
•    We value transparency in our relationships and interactions.
•    We value collaborations and community services. 
•    We work diligently to be flexible, innovative, and responsible to our clients.

Our Strategic Directions & Community Partnering Priorities

Access & Inclusion

Increase and sustain access to our services for all community members, particularly our most vulnerable.


•    Identify and address barriers to ensure anyone can access our services. [Number and type of barriers identified and addressed]
•    Pilot innovative programming to meet the needs of community members in vulnerable circumstances, including those most affected by the issue and those who have historically been excluded (Technology is a priority) 
•    Partner with existing organizations/agencies that serve vulnerable people (especially Non-profits). [Number of new initiatives developed in partnership with others]
•    Further, develop and build sustainability for our services.

Community Partnering Priorities

The FaithWorks CRC will continue to support individuals/businesses and collaborate with other organizations to address the following issues that affect our community.

Affordable Housing

Collaborate with other organizations to increase access to safe, healthy, affordable housing for all.


•    Support other organizations to research and develop affordable, accessible housing.
•    Assist community members in accessing housing support and services.
•    Collaborate with Housing Agencies to support education and counseling services

Our Founder


Lakesha Hancock is the Founder and Executive Director of FaithWorks Community Resource Center. She is a dynamic, speaker, trainer, financial coach, and consultant. Her mission is to help families and businesses understand the impact of their financial decisions, create financial wealth, and promote upward economic mobility.
Lakesha is a Navy Veteran, who earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance), earned a Master of Business Administration (Accounting), and Exceutive Certificate in Business Administration (non-Profit Leadership). She is an alumnus of Siena Heights and Liberty University. In her experience in the financial service field, she has been an Independent Mortgage Processor, Loan Officer, and Mortgage Underwriter.  

She is the former Director of Housing Counseling and HUD-certified housing counselor of  U SNAP BAC and holds six NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling Certifications for Financial Capability, Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education, Post-purchase Homeownership Education, Homeownership Counseling, Foreclosure Intervention, and Default counseling and Homeownership and Community Lending Professional Certificate.

With over twenty-six years of experience in her field, Lakesha has provided services for individuals and businesses to develop, expand, and sustain. She has served diligently in the community. She is a dedicated wife, mother, and Godmother. Her life is that of a servant to help others achieve greatness.

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